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Merge Dragons Hack and Cheats

Free tool to get unlimited Dragon Gems

Dragon Gems

Everyone know this is the main thing you have came here today, and we're ready to deliver it for you. Simple and easy.

Extra dragons!

When you have unlimited Dragon Gems, then you can have anything you want from the game store, including extra dragons, right? Well, enjoy!


It's so easy to get ban with all the other ways of geting Gems. But not with this one, be sure of that! Easy, safe and quick method!
Have you seen the proof screenshot on the left? That's the easiest way to determine if our hack works or not. Well, as you can see, it really does! you know what? It will get even better, if you scroll down, you'll see youtube video where we actually show you the whole process since beginning to end. It's amazing on what our servers and programmers can do to that game, lol!
Hey, no matter what year it is, but Merge Dragons hack still works! When we initially found the glitch, we thought if might be fixed soon. But looks like that didn't happen, and that might mean that the creators of the game are actually happy with the way it works for players. If more players get more resources, and stay to play longer, that is probably their final destination! Well anyway, here's how to do a very easy dragon gem generation. Everyone can do that - old, young, computer geeks and people who have no idea how computer works! Very simple steps: visit the site, enter your username, select the amount of resources, and click generate. That's it! Sometimes, and only simetimes, our tool will ask for human verification. No, you cannot skip it if it does, but in most cases it doesn't show up at all! Then, simply let our hack do the rest. It will connect to the servers of Merge Dragon game, find your username, update some settings, and beeehooolld - next time you login, you will find a nice surprise for you!

John Lewo

I'm so happy that I found this website, now I can have any dragons I want!

Tommy Leubki

Very suprised to see that such pages exists. I took a chance, generated resources, and wuola!


A nice trick. I will keep using it.