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People sometimes have questions, and funny thing - it's same questions for almost each one of you! So now we made this oficial FAQ so you can get your answer fast.
How many times this can be used?
While there's no limitation on how many times you could use it, we recommend to use it once a day.
Can I do it for someone else?
If you know their game ID, go ahead and make a surprise!
My phone is not rooted, is that a problem?
No problems at all. The phone or computer doesn't have to be rooted or modified in any other way.
Will I get banned if I use it?
No, our Merge Dragons generator has safety implemented that prevents you from getting bans. Nice, right? Give it a try, and you'll see for yourself!
I tried and it didn't work for me.
Sometimes there are problems with connection between hack and game server. Simply try again and you should be all good.